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Sweet KDE

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1 day ago
True, yea that looks good :) - Jun 07 2019
yup, that worked... that's for the Sweet-Dark right? gives a solid border now - Jun 07 2019
what am i supposed to do with the folder once i've downloaded it? I'm kinda new to customising the desktop - Jun 07 2019
If that link doesn't work here's another - Jun 07 2019
Hey! I really love the work you've done here but I'm running in to an issue with the borders of applications a little bit, here's a screenshot of what i'm facing, any help would be great, awesome work! - Jun 07 2019

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by adhe
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Apr 08 2020
Any chance of an OBS icon? :D Love the whole pack by the way, got it set up and looks awesome! - May 19 2019
Sweet KDE

Plasma Themes
by eliverlara

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Jun 07 2019