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justa guy Port Carling, Canada
Schoolboy Text.ttf

Fonts by Ctalk 6 comments

I like this font, I have a habit of taking notes about linux config., etc. This adds a certain personality to my note taking. Cheers - Feb 23 2009

Wallpaper Other by corws 5 comments

Where in Northern Ontario?

Muskoka here - Oct 03 2008
Debian Gray

Wallpapers Debian by Spoudumen 6 comments

Sleek, clean and pleasing to the eye. I prefer "neutral" at times, and this is going to be great when I decide to re-configure my theme. Bravo! - Jan 15 2008
Black Linux HD

Wallpaper Other by mentalrey 6 comments

Thanks for the widescreen resolution.

Appreciate it!

Cheers - Jul 24 2007
new moral underware

Wallpaper Other by linuxpimp 8 comments

Kool........! - Sep 05 2006