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Jakob Loewen , Germany

Science by gerlach 78 comments

Me too, i also use Kubuntu 7.04. Labplot is not usable because it crashes very often. For example: create a Plot from a table, create a second one from a second table one time crashes, but after restarting Labplot it creates the second plot.

- Jun 08 2007
Perl Audio Converter

Audio Extractors/Converters by viron 79 comments

True! Really true! - Feb 16 2007
Vista Wow!

Wallpaper Other by Leobold 23 comments

I would never use this picture on my desktop, but i think the idea is good. To the ones that voted bad: take a second look at the picture.

The signal troops of the german army have a jingle: First think, then press the button and then speak. This sentence is valid for you guys, too. First look, than think about the intention, at last comment and vote.

For the ones who still don't understand: you can see seven program windows in the beautiful vista look, but in all windows there occured an error, more exact: a bluescreen was the reason for the errors.

That's cool. I do not like vista. - Feb 12 2007
Gears KSplash Themes Pack

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by ChristianNickel 11 comments

This is what i have searched for: a timeless wallpaper and a splash that fits to it! Thank you very much for your great work! Your work should become standard for kde! - Feb 08 2007
Alien PDA Beryl Theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cybermage 3 comments

Wow, that looks great! You have a lot of good ideas, thanks for creating the themes. With your ideas and your themes you increase the diversity of the linux look and feel by a big piece! Thanks a lot! - Jan 31 2007

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

Yes, you are right. Even as a christian i am of the opinion that we should use this webpage only to present and discuss software, not religions. - Dec 27 2006

Bootsplash Various by dulus22 1 comment

Thanks, this pic fits quite well with dark kde-themes. You got my vote! - Dec 26 2006