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Blue Halo

Metacity Themes 5 comments

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Jun 26 2005
How did you get that panel? Kind of like the OS-X launcher. I've been trying to set that up without having to install enlightenment, all I have is a huge panel streching across the screen.

*Nice theme. I'm definately going to use it. - Sep 04 2005
FireGnome Curved (formerly Ice+Fire)

Wallpapers Gnome 5 comments

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Sep 06 2005
I saw this on neowin. Looks kind of nice, I'd love to see a blue version of this. - Sep 03 2005
Firefox Glow

Wallpapers Firefox 1 comment

by oipo
Score 50.0%
Aug 16 2005
Nice wallpaper! Now is there a way to make that into an icon? I would definately use that. Been looking for something like this! - Aug 19 2005