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John v. Kampen Granada, Spain
AVIO-3D Gnomenu Theme

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Jul 02 2009
Hi 'N00b'...

You'll need GnomeMenu first, then from it Add... this theme. - Jul 27 2010
Slab-3Compact for Gnomenu 2.2.2+

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Dec 28 2009
Yes, you are quite right !!!
I upgrade Gnomenu and have several panes jumping over my screen, preferably to the left top corner, where my menu button sits bottom left or right in the taskbar.

The older version of Gnomenu didn't show this behavior.

Strange at all. Indeed things hop around and not only from center, next time top left or so, but now and then as it should be, next to the menu button....
I have no idea what goes on here. More panes have this behavior... - Feb 14 2010
Then I must look into this somewhat more in detail. Can't do that now, it's late here in Spain already... Asap I'll be back on this, expect on Monday!
- Feb 13 2010
Did you test the lower LEFT corner for this menu? And... do other menu themes the same?
In fact in the xml only the width and heights are specified, not the position of the slab itself in any way.
I can copy your problem somewhat, when at the Gnome desktop initialization something goes wrong OR when I click the Gnomenu too early, i.e. before it is completely loaded... Then I get the slab near the top of my screen. But deleting the menu from the taskbar and reinstalling it resets this situation... - Feb 13 2010

I have no idea where this phenomenon comes from. Did you try to delete the whole menu from your taskbar and next restart the menu again getting the same strange placement?
Then it might be a bug in Gnomenu itself, but I couldn't find references to it.
If other readers see the same, let me know. - Feb 13 2010

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Jan 04 2010
I just wanted to play with this blurring effect you see in KDE4-Plasma. Our eyes can do 'strange' things when sharpness, contrast and saturation are manipulated (and some distances are observed). To arouse interest from others I just made it 'as is'. But I will gladly look into a 'transparent' version... Thanks for your hint that there is interest for it. - Jan 05 2010