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Juergen Spitzmueller
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LyX -- The Document Processor

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Mar 17 2018
The patch is just a diff against the previous release. Instead of downloading the whole source, you can just download the patch and apply it on the source of the previous release (or study the changes in detail, if you're interested). - Feb 07 2011
Character count isn't implemented yet, only word count. It isn't hard to implement, but nobody volunteered until now. - Jul 31 2007
It certainly builds against Qt3 (which is recommended), but in 1.4, compatibility back to Qt2 is kept (this is because there is no official free Qt3 version for windows).

In LyX 1.5, Qt2 support will be dropped, because Qt4 is supported. - Sep 22 2006
which archive did you download? Did you unpack it? It certainly contains a configure file. - Jul 18 2006
unicode support is planned and already under development as the main goal of the next major release (1.5). - Jul 18 2006
please post them to - Oct 07 2004
It's not a KDE application (and it doesn't aim to). LyX in fact follows a "GUI independent approach", separating the core from the frontend(s). Currently, two frontends are completed: xforms and qt[2|3], a gtk(mm)2 frontend is beeing developped (but far from finished). Actually, it would be a breeze to add a "native KDE" frontend which could share the basics with the qt frontend but add some KDE goodies. But so far noone has considered it important enough to begin such a task. - Jan 04 2004
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by greoj
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Oct 30 2005
The file name uses a special character (German 'sharp s'). The working link is:ßwolf_new.png - Nov 21 2005