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Jef Spaleta , United States of America

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Could you possibly rename these entries so that the titles take the form
UserImage - name.

I think these are fantastic UserImages for use in gdm and i think it would be a shame if the people looking at refreshing the default UserImage packages as shipped in some distros missed seeing these because they didn't come up in a search for UserImage.

These are great. - Mar 16 2007
UserImage - BashfulGirl

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suggestions for fixing it?
I can reshoot this against a different color.

I'm also going to build a light box specifically for shooting macro that will help cut down on the glare.. at some point.
- Mar 15 2007
UserImage - Bonsai

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I have a few gigs of photos that my wife and I have taken over the last 3 years or so. We are going through them and culling a few that we think look good at 96x96 for the UserImage submission notice that was posted by dfong for Fedora Artwork.

Once I get about a dozen or so that hang together well, I'll probably end up packaging the museum photos in one package. And flower photos in another package. And maybe landscapes in a third.

The CupofChoco was my first experiment at doing a set of photos for specific. Hell I might do a whole package of kitchenware. - Mar 06 2007