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j rock

Wallpaper Other by Lemonade 6 comments

No right-clicking on your page. Can't you just upload them so we don't have to sift through all the garbage?

- Feb 21 2009
OSX-Tiger theme

GTK2 Themes by Lauri 81 comments

How many people are going to paste a link to the LNW article? It's not rote, people. It's not scripture. It's not even a very well written article.

Do what you want to your Linux, and don't let anyone tell you you can't, just because they don't want you to.

Viva la resistance! LOL.

- Jan 08 2009
Ubuntu Dust

GTK2 Themes by rico-ambiescent 125 comments

I think you had it right the first time: You're a stupid Mac OSX user who doesn't understand simple directions.

This theme rocks. Go away if you don't like it. - Dec 28 2008