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jim O Philadelphia, United States of America
CPUMeter Screenlet

Conky by storhaug3 14 comments

Any chance of getting the R8 theme tweaked a little? Changing the black to a dark blue and the red to orange? If someone could let me know how to do it on my own that would be preferable.

Either way, still love this screenlet. Thanks! - Oct 09 2009
CPUMeter Screenlet

Conky by storhaug3 14 comments

I have been looking for something like this for some time! Thanks!! - May 13 2009
Ubuntulooks Engine

GTK2 Themes by viper500 10 comments

Where exactly would that right place be? - Feb 15 2009
Crass Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by jpoRS 5 comments

Glad you like it.

Isn't that from Sheep Farming though?

Either way you made the real point-

Fight War Not Wars, Destroy Power Not People.

jim - Dec 06 2008
Crass Wallapaper

Wallpaper Other by jpoRS 4 comments

Why black? Because that is the color I found! I will post a white one as soon as I make it.

jim - Dec 01 2008
Tree in darkness

Nature by taliesin 7 comments

I extracted the file and selected the .xml file like you said, but all I get is a weird purple color, no tree, no animation. I am using Hardy, so it isn't an issue involving Gnome 2. Did I miss some obvious step?

Thanks. - May 18 2008