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Werner Johansson
New KDE Mascot revisited

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If you don't like something do go there. This goes back to the 10 commandments as well which boils down
to do 'Don't harm anyone else unless they are threatning your life', which includes not killing them. Known which
commandment you would break if you did?

Women has posed for pictures of them selves for the same reason men want to look at them. If you tell a woman she
looks like hell she'll be offended. Why? Because attractive people are percieved as better partners hence a
women do want to show off to attract partners. Simple and also shows why women has a whole lot of power. And why
men want to cover them up... Why feminist goes to this trouble as well is a weird biological quirk... remove competition?

If the woman in the first artwork wanted to be photographed she surely didn't intend it to be eyes only, it'd
go against her biological need of attracting attractive partners for her self.

And using religion is the oldest way of controlling a group of people, shouldn't we have moved beyond those
old ways soon. Are we still a bunch of uneducated cavepeople? Pathetic...

At any rate, Linux is about choice as long as you don't break the law. Very good rule of common sense I say and why
not let that rule here as well? As long as noone breaks the commonly agreed law of where they live and the servers
reside it should be allowed.
And no religious mumbo jumbo, has to be an approved law of the country you actually live in. - Jan 05 2009