Baghira Debian Sid

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by gogo 10 comments

go on this way!!! very fast updates! baghira is cool, and I can't compile on my box because of some destroyed KDE install... I have to reinstall linux (goin' mandrake) but as long as I dont have the guts to actually do it... ;) - Dec 02 2003
Hammer & Sickle

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Kleric 6 comments

russian/communist art is cool. pitty such bad things happened under communism... although imho its inevitable. - Dec 02 2003

KDE 3.5 Themes by thomas12777 1262 comments

ow... and can you guys make the progress bar animated? (like in plastik you can set this, and in the default stille too)

maybe the sliders can be animated (but I guess thats very slowing down and irritating for the eye, but maybe on hover/click?)

and wow - you guyz are really cool, this is wonderfull... I love the work you do!!!

and well, life can SEEM nice, but if you really look good, and open your eyes, it really sucks... deeply... ;-) - Dec 02 2003
SmoothAkua w/ OS X button placement

Ice-WM Themes by entripon 6 comments

duh morons

window decoration -> buttons -> CUSTOM BUTTON POSITIONS

this theme is useless

sorry ;-) - Dec 02 2003
only picture.don't think more(update)

Wallpaper Other by lluct 5 comments

how can I change it??? can't you post the pic in a format with layers?

and what do you mean with attack?

again, I like the graphics. this one is really better. maybe have a look at the stars, I dont really like them - look at the top-left one - the yellow piece right-under, and the yellow pixels left-up should imho be removed.

tnx ;-) - Dec 02 2003
only picture.don't think more

Wallpaper Other by lluct 9 comments

Well, I dont like communism - it has killed too many millions imho. but I like their art (and logo's), thats why I like this wallpaper.

And there has been some fuzz about GPL being 'communistic' - so imho its kinda funny to have an communistic linux wallpaper ;-)

IMHO GPL does come close to certain aspects of 'true' communism (not the way it is in real life, and I dont think real life communism will ever (be able to) come close to 'true' communism - the way it is meant to be by marx although he himself had no idea how it whould be but this is an very different discussion...)

hehe ;-) - Dec 02 2003
only picture.don't think more

Wallpaper Other by lluct 9 comments

could you pls make a version without the 'china' text? cuz I like it too, and I live in the Netherlands ;-)

maybe you might post the files you used to create the background too - you released under GPL, so I guess you'll have to ;) - Dec 02 2003

KDE 3.5 Themes by thomas12777 1262 comments

good to see someone continues mosfet's work...

but I have some complaints ;-)

I really liked the rounded buttons under the icons, on the taskbar etc, why do you make it all rectangles... could you pleas include an option to keep it all smooth rounded?

but the new tab look is much much better than the old one (in liquid) - it's the main reason I finally decided to switch. and the rectangles prevented me to do so ;-) - Dec 02 2003