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Jon doe city, United States of America

Various Games by jon-ecm 6 comments

Install QT creator and open the .pro file in the root directory if qphysics, you can also use the qmake command to generate make files from the .pro files for normal build and compilation - Mar 07 2013
zink Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by Scnd101 4 comments

This is my favorite theme!
It's simply amazing!
I love the thin borders and the narrow
top bar, the icons are magical!

It can be a little hard to resize but
I would not give up the thin borders for anything!

It also has a few issues when compositing is disabled (it dosn't always paint the titlebar) but it might be arora engine related,

Keep up the good work man! This is Totally awesome! - Jan 18 2011

Various Games by axed 13 comments

This is an amazing piece of software!
Keep up the good work!

I would like know where I can find the source for it though.

Jon - Jan 04 2011

Various Games by jon-ecm 6 comments

click on an object in the left then click on the window where you want to place the object.
I might change that to drag and drop in a future release

Jon - Aug 12 2010

Browser by alberthier 1 comment

This is really neat! I hope you finish it up! - Jun 02 2010

Education Apps by vujkee 2 comments

Thankyou! This tool is very useful for me! - Jun 02 2010

System Software by jon-ecm 10 comments

Yeah I tried that but it was still really slow...I think it was slowing things down because while it was reading the file system at full speed it would have to interrupt the hdd read to do a write to the sql db whenever there was insert, which it did for every file! but I'm not sure.

I did a rewrite of it and now though and it keeps it in memory!

It's way faster! Dose about 30 gb's in 6 seconds for me.

Before it would take about 2 hours!!!

Thanks for the idea though!

Jon - May 27 2010

System Software by jon-ecm 10 comments

Ok, Yeah I guess I never thought of that! :) I just self tought myself programming from some online tutorials and I guess I missed out on all the packaging and versioning stuff :P
It's great you guys are teaching me!

Jon - May 26 2010

System Software by jon-ecm 10 comments

After doing some debugging SQLITE is at fault for the slow scanning problem

It's terribly slow at insert statements

Any ideas on optimizing would be hugely appreciated!!! - Apr 16 2010

Qt Components by GreenScape 5 comments

I've always looked for something like this!
Please continue development on this!
And I'm looking forword to other projects from you!

Thanks, Jon - Mar 30 2010

Various Games by jon-ecm 1 comment

Player 1:
Up: Up Arrow
Down: Down Arrow
Left: Left Arrow
Right: Right Arrow

Player 2:

Hope you enjoy! - Dec 31 2009

Utilities by slougi 1 comment

nfo? Are you talking about a folio book or a folio infobase?

if this is really a folio book reader this would be the best news I've heard in a long long time!

Hoping for the best! - Jul 01 2009

System Software by jon-ecm 10 comments

Ok Thanks for your input...I'll incorporate that into the next version - Jun 19 2009

System Software by jon-ecm 10 comments

Your very welcome Vishwajeet. I hope to make things much much better but this is just version 0.1 alpha. The main thing I want to do in the next version is speed up the recrusive folder scanning allogrithm and get windows support (That involves changeing a few sql querys and shouldn't be a issue) - Jun 16 2009