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Lukasz Janowski Cracow, Poland

Utilities by StefanT 175 comments

The Ubuntu download link is broken - Dec 08 2007

XFCE Screenshots by super-tux 1 comment


May I ask you where did you get this bar with moving icons from?

Thanks in advance

- Oct 09 2007
Dropline Neu!

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 49 comments

You've done a hell of good work making these icons. They're jusy extreamaly handy and fit my screen in an axcellent manner.

Thank you - May 14 2007
CoverFlow for amarokFS

AmarokFS by Yaccin 15 comments

Can someone be so nice to tell me how to install it? I completly don't know what "AmarokFS" is - I'm using this nice program for listening to the music, but just know the basics.

Thanks in Advance - Mar 30 2007

Full Icon Themes by epsilom 66 comments

Your Icons are just beatiful. I don't really know how, but they integrate with my desktop in a magic way.

Thank you very much, and keep up the good work-:) - Mar 30 2007
Maxemum TV-Guide

Utilities by robmax 56 comments

Since now no apt repositories for Ubuntu? - Mar 18 2007

Wallpaper Other by bas87 7 comments

Really nice wallpaper, thank you - Mar 18 2007

Database by robby 164 comments


I'm using kubuntu 6.10 version. Trying to compile by putting first "./configure" I get this strange output - I supose something is wrong with my c++ compiler but for now I know too little to resolv it by myself

This is the config.log file:

Thanks in advance

- Mar 12 2007