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John Kess
Don't Hide the Light! (Matt. 5:14,15)

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 21 comments

Why do so many people think that Tim's artwork is so bad? I think it's wonderful! Have you ever tried to do free-hand in the Gimp? It's really tough. And even if you really do think it looks bad, don't bash him. Give him some advice, if you want to, but don't put him down.

P.S. As for those who say he's not improving...ha! He's ten times better then he was a couple of months ago. - Jan 29 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by p0z3r 63 comments

I really like you program, but I can't seem to get it to work on my SuSE 8.2 distro. It showed up on my screen, but the "Configure Theme" text is grayed out. I'm not really familar with python scrips, and so I don't know how to debug it. I did what you said in the README, and changed line 41 to: "debug" = 1. I then ran ./ in the terminal. I got this back:

./ line 31: import: command not found
./ line 32: import: command not found
./ line 37: conf: command not found
./ line 38: font: command not found
./ line 39: fontColor: command not found
./ line 40: fontSize: command not found
./ line 41: debug: command not found
./ line 42: shadow: command not found
./ line 43: kdePath: command not found
./ line 44: iconDirectory: command not found
./ line 45: bg: no job control
./ line 46: currentIconEffect: command not found
./ line 47: syntax error near unexpected token `}'
./ line 47: `}'

Like I said, I don't know anything about python, but I do know some c++, and because of all the "command not found"s, I am figuring that I don't have the right python stuff installed. Please post a reply and help me get through this. Your program looks really cool. Hope you know what's up. - Jan 26 2004
Sons of God (Romans 8:14)

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 31 comments

Very cool, Tim. I thought we had lost you, but thank God, we haven't. I don't have much time, but I just wanted to tell you that this wallpaper looks absolutely wonderful. And boy, it is refreashing to see how many people support you now. Keep it up, and God bless.

In Christ,
John - Jan 23 2004
Sons of God (Romans 8:14)

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 31 comments

Not really that odd, actually. I'm a supporter of Tim also, I just haven't been on this site too much as of late. And aside from me, it appears that a lot of people think Tim's work is good. Look at the ratings and look at the postings. - Jan 23 2004
Stalin Kommunist

Wallpaper Other by Steels 45 comments

No, I would not say that I sound very stupid. Less educated then you (about communism), but not stupid.

If you are correct, my apologies. But I would just like to ask this question. How come a "true" communist state has not been established? If the idea would work so well, how come there's not a "true" communist nation that we can look at and say, "Wow, communism really works! Let's try to establish that in our country!" - Dec 22 2003
Stalin Kommunist

Wallpaper Other by Steels 45 comments

Why in the world is Linux equated with communism? It's free. So what? I can go to McDonalds and get free drinking water. I guess McDonalds/America is communistic. Or not. Linux is "free as in free beer", not communistic.

Anyway, in basically all places where communism has/is florished, most people lived/are-living in poverty. Take Cuba, for instance. For the majority of people in Cuba, life sucks. That's why so many people try to escape from there. I would like somebody to give me a country where communism is actually working, and most people like living there. Oh please, DON'T give me China as an example. The majority of people there are not happy. - Dec 15 2003
Unto Us a Child is Born

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 26 comments

Hey Flanders,
Obviously, you don't know much about what you're talking about. Different versions of that Bible? Having different versions of truth? I can't believe you would say something like that. While there are different styles of interpretation, the substance of the message is the same. Gammatically, versions of the Bible differ, but they all convay the same ideas. They all point to one truth, Jesus Christ. Why don't you do some research and then tell Tim about the "different versions of the truth." Read the Bible some so you'll actully know what you're talking about. - Dec 11 2003
Unto Us a Child is Born

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 26 comments

Hey Tim,
I like it a lot better now. But like you said in your e-mail, always having text on the bottom can get kind of boring. I would encurage you to keep experimenting with different styles. It turns out that my mom liked you're old one. Maybe other people did too. Anyway, thanks for posting this stuff and keep up the good work. - Dec 09 2003
Double Trouble

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 27 comments

Someone asked why matter couldn't be eternal. A simple way to explain why this is impossible is: If matter is eternal, then it would have used up all energy an eternity ago. If you have something that you would like to point out to me that relates to this, post it and I'll try to get around to getting more in-depth.

And to the person that said that the statement "SomeOne + nothing = everything" didn't make sense, I have a question. Why not? I mean, think about this. If there is a God, then He created everything, including time itself. If He created time, that would mean He would have to exist outside of time. If God exists in timelessness, he is eternal. Eternity means that there is no begining and no end. Thus, God would have no begining (and no end, for that matter). He would always just BE. He would be a self-sufficient being, not needing to be created by someone or something. And because He is God, He can create anything and everything he wants to. Therefore, the statement "SomeOne + nothing = everything" does make sense. God can take nothing and create everything from that nothingness. I hope that makes sense to you. - Dec 04 2003
Fellowship of the Unashamed

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 15 comments

How very interesting. Christians are accused of being stuck-up, self-rightious, "have absolutely no tolerence" snobs, and yet look at you people telling Tim to not post his wallpaper. Your not tolerating his view at all! The Bible tells Christians to love people, but here you guys are, hating Tim just because he posted something he believes in (and I do also, if you haven't figured it out yet).
Just a thought...what if a Muslum were to post a wallpaper on with the Koran on it. What would be the reaction? People may not download it, and some people may not like it, but would there be many posts telling the creator of the wallpaper how his wallpaper sucks and he should keep his religion to himself? No. So why are people so opposed to Christians? If you've read some of the New Testiment you know that Christians are supposed to be kind and loving to all. That does not mean that they should accept all religions as true, but that they should treat all other people with respect. If you are one of the people who hate Tim's wallpaper, think about why you hate it/them. I don't think you'll have a very good reason.
P.S. Keep up the good work, Tim! - Nov 22 2003