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Jörg Milewski Kí¶ln, Germany
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 842 comments

by panzi
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Nov 05 2010
Don't worry about smooth-task, this addon is outdated. You can use the build-in successor in KDE 4.8, which will be installed with the plasma-widget-addons. This is called there symbol window-bar (or similar, my desktop is in german language). - Jan 09 2012
German Radio Streams Service

Amarok 2.x Scripts 141 comments

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Oct 12 2018
Special Tip for all Kubuntu-Users of the actual version "Natty": Kubuntu has changed the sound backend for Phonon from "Xine" to "GStreamer". I remarked for myself that GStreamer doesn't work fine together with Phonon, the KDE sound system. So make sure that in amarok's settings "Xine" is chosen as the default backend. - May 31 2011
Concerning 90elf, here is the complete list of the streams avialable;

+,90elf-Livespiel 1,,50,http:/
+,90elf-Livespiel 2,,50,http:/
+,90elf-Livespiel 3,,50,http:/
+,90elf-Livespiel 4,,50,http:/
+,90elf-Livespiel 5,,50,http:/
+,90elf-Livespiel 6,,50,http:/

I have nearly completed my list of german radio stations, included are more than 750 entries now. I think you will receive a mega-update in the not too far future.
- Dec 16 2010
To force this project here concerning the station list, I would be able to supply my own list. Possibly one of the most extensive in the german-speaking area.
Included are all of the ARD broadcast stations (I suppose the list is really complete, included are 139 stations), most of the private station streaming via Nacamar (thereto later on), an extensive list of swiss and austrian stations, additional some italian and spanish (focus on the german-speaking from South Tirol and Mallorca), finally diverse station all around the world (including my favourite,
Concerning Nacamar: There is another way to avoid the problem with their redirect-streams. Besides, the Tiscali-Project is not recommendable, because those streams are continuously down. For this reason I use the constantly available vTuner streams.
My list is in form of a simple textfile, therefore it should be no problem to convert it using a simple script. Interested? - Nov 19 2010
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1069 comments

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Sep 02 2017
Many Thanks to it. Information for Kubuntu 11.04 ("Natty")-Users: This version here for kubuntu 10.10 cannot be installed, gdebi quits with an error message. The good News: This package is available in the Kubuntu Beta Backports for Natty. Just add the ppa and search for "cwp". - May 05 2011
kopete irc plugin

Chat & Messenging 34 comments

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Dec 23 2009
Back again, and I have to recognize that nothing happened. The newer *lib is still unsupported. Perhaps it would be better to write directly to the kopete maintainers, because support for the irc protocol should be included in kopete itsself out-of-the-box and not via additional plugin. - Apr 10 2011
Sorry, but the installation failed on Kubuntu 10.10. "Maverick". The file "libircclient" is not available on Kubuntu, instead of this there's a package (the successor) called "libircclient1". Is it possible to adjust the install script? Provided that your plugin works with it. - Dec 22 2010
Kopete Antispam Plugin

Chat & Messenging 47 comments

by alno
Score 58.0%
Dec 27 2009
Thanks for it. Installation was no problem under ubuntu, but therefore it is necessary first to install cmake - this isn't preinstalled per default. - Dec 22 2010

by fdmarco3

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9   Dec 24 2010