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Joaquin Fernandez , Venezuela
JMFQ Monitors

Karamba & Superkaramba by joaquin 3 comments

Sorry, but configuration dialogs is only for modules coded in python AFAIK and this theme don't use python. You can change the parameters editing .theme file.

For example, if you have not ath0 but eth1, replace ath0 in JMFQ-NET.theme for eth1. If you have only one interface, comment the lines for ath0.

I made this theme modular, so if you don't have this partitions, you can omit JMFQ-MEM or edit JMFQ-MEM.theme and change mount point for your partitions. If you need ONLY CPU sensor, use ONLY JMFQ-CPU.theme. - Jan 03 2007
Smooth Blend

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by p0z3r 116 comments

Hi... i like so much this theme and i use it in my Gentoo Linux. Thanks for made this work!!

I would like change the background colors in buttons and to select between gradient or solid fill. For example, if a have a title bar red, i would like have a yellow background button with gradient to orange. Or if i want a very high contrast only in buttons, i can use title black with button color white, fill solid.

Regards - Oct 05 2005