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Juan Carlos Houston, United States of America
Geeko Carbon Fiber

Wallpapers SUSE by Strahlex 2 comments

Im using on my gnome desktop. I like it - Mar 20 2009
I like your mockups!!! Mostly the media player, its so clean. I think it would look awesome on Gnome as well. - Mar 20 2009
Distro Style Balls

GDM Themes by Dav87 4 comments

I got to say you did a great job with this theme. One suggestion if maybe you remove the bottom bar with linux on it, That might give it a cleaner look, still its a great theme man!! thanks for sharing - Jun 15 2008
first shot :)

Gnome Screenshots by bialyp 2 comments

nice looking desk....hey if you re kind enough, how do i go about getting those widgets on my desktop? Where to get them, install them if you can, thanks - Oct 29 2005