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José Manuel Santamaría Lema La Coruña, Spain
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Jul 06 2010
The latest version is 2.0-beta1, 2.0-beta2 doesn't exist (yet).

Are you talking about this?

If yes, that page needs updating because 1.0-beta2 is obsolete. I hope to do soon.

If not, please, give me a link to the place you are taling about.

Cheers. - Jul 28 2010
Oops! Sorry and thanks for noticing. - Jan 10 2010
It doesn't surprise me at all. The importers/exporters were quite untested, I'm starting to work (i.e. test and fix bugs) on importers/exporters.

The mmf importer was broken for me, I have fixed a bug in SVN, so now appears to work for me. I din't tested with large amount of recipes though.

If you're able, please checkout the svn repository and test. - Oct 16 2009
No, just read the message. You're trying to copy something to /usr/local/bin so you need write permissions there. Use "sudo make install". - Oct 09 2009
Krecipes is developed in KDE svn, so you need to work inside the KDE translations teams.

Afaik, usually translation teams work with slots instead of single applications; for instance, some person could translate all applications in extragear/utils, other person all in extragear/office and so on.

If you are willing to translate to spanish, afaik extragear/utils has already a translator assigned. Anyway, please, contact the spanish translation team: - Sep 30 2009
Install libxslt1-dev. - Sep 30 2009