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John Dennis , United States of America

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Sep 03 2011
It would be nice to have it auto scan for other encoders that are installed such as nero and faac. I would rather have nero but would like any others. I am glad to see the program back. I missed it and still used it even though it was not for KDE 4. - Feb 20 2010

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Dec 01 2015
I was using version 0.5.0 when I noticed this. - Sep 15 2009
You are right the items were reconciled before the import but nothing shows checked after importing into skrooge. In both gnucash and also kmymoney2 as I told you it shows fine in these but not skrooge. - Sep 03 2009
When I imported my QIF file it shows no items checked even though I have reconciled most of this. Both kmymoney2 and gnucash show this but your application does not. - Sep 02 2009
Thanks for letting me know. I look forward to using it. I will have to see if it inputs the way I want it to. I have so many to enter now that any thing to make this easier would be helpful. This is why I wanted to enter it almost like a checking book. It just makes things easier on me to enter them in this way. - Aug 25 2009
When will version 0.5 be released. You talk about a bug being closed and performance being better but I would like to know when this will be released. - Aug 22 2009

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Nov 16 2014
I am using KDE 4.3 and getting a drive error. Even when I launch audex with nothing in the drive. k3b see's the drive and so does kde but not audex. I have even changed the drive in audex to no avail. I am using chakra again but this time all the codecs are available. I thought I would give it a try. I am using beta 5 at the moment since this is the latest. - Aug 04 2009
I tried the newest version on Ubuntu this morning and it is still not working. It can read the cd and import the first track but then has problems encoding. It works great as a ogg file though but using faac does not work. I have not tried the nero tip yet though. - Jul 04 2009
I uninstalled the program and deleted the file that needs to be deleted and got the program back but when I tried to change the quality setting the program went back to trying to code in ogg instead of aac. I will wait until the beta 2 comes out unless a fix can be released before then. - May 05 2009
I was able to find the new Audex version for debian as I installed Sidux on my system. It installed with out problems and is fast. I also like the fact that when you edit the field's you get few options now. Before it was to confusing to know what to enter in where. In OpenSUSE I used version 0.62 and this worked with out issues so just the new version seems to be a problem. The problem I am having is that I went to edit the AAC Extreme as I wanted it higher then the limit that was selected. Well the first time I did this it did the music as MP3 and not AAC. I looked at it again and it was blank. What I mean is that when you pick AAC or what ever in the drop down it was blank. You could still do the drop down but it would not save the settings. When I clicked on set defaults it did not do any thing to this one. The other 2 have remained the same and I did not try and do any thing with that. I will try and uninstall and reinstall it and see if this helps at all. - May 05 2009
I found one problem last night. I am using the older version but do not see this as being fixed in the newer version. I inserted a cd and it pulled up the wrong album. I then right clicked and told it to pick from amazon. It did this just great and found the art. I clicked on it and then clicked ok but it still picked the first one. I also tried to move the albums around so that the one I wanted was first but it still picked the one it picked the first time. I ended up just leaving the artwork blank because of this. I do not know if the custom will allow nero as the quality is better with this but I guess if I want to use nero I will just use atunes but their are some things I do not like about atunes. I have an iPod and if I have some thing else I would not be using aac. I do not like mp3's either and do not like rockbox. I do like how your program iis coming alongg. - Apr 26 2009
I installed the kubuntu alpha last night and audex recognizes the faac file. Now I just want to be able to use nero but I will have to play around with this. I appreciate what your program does. - Feb 23 2009
I just wanted to let you know that I have changed the faac command line to match that of kaudiocreator and also one's I found on the web. I also used the assistant that you have that I can pick what I want to show up and each time it shows it could not encode the file and that the user canceled it which I never do. I have tried the ogg format and that works great but since I want to put this music on my iPod and do not want to use rockbox this does not help me. I do like the program as it is fast and does a great job. - Feb 09 2009
I uninstalled audex and also faac and reinstalled it but even after this is does not recognize the faac. It only recognized the top 4. I see that my add was still there but I did not add it properly so it does not work. I would hope that the uninstall would have removed this but I know files are always left behind. Below is what I added. I did not add all this but it is how your program reads it. It is from the audexrc file.

[Profiles][Profile 8]
command=faac -b 300
mask=<basepath />/<artist />/<artist /> [<date />] <title />/<cdno /><trackno length="2" fillchar="0" /> - <tartist /> - <ttitle />.<suffix />

firstStart=false - Feb 09 2009
It is faac that I have that is not recognized. I have the output below. It would be nice but not needed as I could add this myself to also add support for neroaacenc for those that want to use this.

FAAC 1.26.1 (Oct 10 2008) UNSTABLE - Feb 09 2009
I forgot to mention that I am using OpenSUSE 11.1 and installed the program using one of their repositories. In the mean time I am using kaudiocreator. I had to add the faac part but it is working. jripper adds " around the songs so decided not to use this. Also atunes recognized the faac encoder but was marking every thing the year it was encoded and not the year the music actually came out. I would love to try audex but until I can find out how to use faac I won't be using it. The one's that did show up automatically was ogg, wave, flac, and mp3. - Feb 08 2009
The problem I am having is that it does not read my faac that I already have installed. jRipper and others see it but this application does not. I would love to use this. I guess I could add it but it would be helpful if it found it by itself. - Feb 08 2009