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James A

Compiz Themes 12 comments

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Aug 31 2006
Lol, it was a bit of both. She'd be using Litestep on Windows for a long time and since she did little more than watch movies, do school work .. etc. I suggested linux.

She loves it :-), right hunny? - Aug 31 2006
I pinked my girlfriends computer with your theme. Thanks!

Check it --> - Aug 31 2006

Metacity Themes 16 comments

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Jul 17 2006
Install cgwd and you should get gcompizthemer as well, this is how it works on Ubuntu anyway. From there I had to fiddle with the .cgwd dir and the .cgwd/theme dir. Once I got that sorted out, I ran 'cgwd --replace &' and gcompizthemer ran without problems.

Cheers, - Aug 08 2006
ATER 5 color

Metacity Themes 72 comments

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Aug 12 2006
Excellent work!

I think the yellow theme is GREAT btw! Dark & blue themes are getting a bit old, imo.

The bright glow reminds me of thoese translucent yelloy-green lego pices :-) (

Keep up the great work!

James. - Aug 05 2006
Tiblit SUSE 9.3 RPM

KDE 3.5 Themes 3 comments

by seba
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May 29 2005
Ahh, I got it sorted out ... just needed to manually install some more files. But seriously ... 'make install' threw files into '/share/apps/kstyle' I think somebody forget a '.' in the installer somewhere ... - Jun 07 2005

Does anyone know if there is a x86_64 rpm of Tiblit for Suse 9.3 around? I tried to install this one but it couldn't find QT (never had that happen before ...), so I built it myself from source (using all recommended 64bit configure options) but the theme doesn't show up in my list :(

I also noticed that building the sources and doing 'make install' put files in the wrong places (for suse anyway), so I tried my best to move the files to their correct places but still no luck :(

It looks like a slick theme though! - Jun 07 2005