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GTK3/4 Themes by hakamybs 183 comments

Working now :D

Just had to re-copy the file to /usr/share/themes, did the exact same thing as before and it worked this time round. Thanks so much for giving me tech support! I hope to see updates of the theme in the future. - Jan 27 2016

GTK3/4 Themes by hakamybs 183 comments

Hey Hakamybs, and fellow Gurus: I haven't been able to get the theme working, perhaps I am missing a step? (Tried on both Fedora 23, and Ubuntu GNOME 15.10).

I downloaded the theme zip file linked to this page, extracted to obtain a folder named 'White', then cp'd the folder to 'usr/share/themes'. Next I opened up Gnome Tweak Tool, enabled user theme extension, then in themes, selected 'White' as GTK and Shell theme.

After this however, I don't see the default Adwaita theme changing! While Shell theme has certainly changed, there is little noticeable change with GTK. In particular, the red/yellow/green buttons on the left of the 'file' window are absent, instead my standard Adwaita minimise/maximise/close buttons are still on the right. Its basically just Adwaita...

I am missing something completely? Could you please give me an advice.

I see there was another user with the same problem. - Jan 25 2016

GTK3/4 Themes
by hakamybs

9   Jan 27 2016