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Robert Gabriel Brno, Czech Republic
Ubuntu Wheel Usplash (also widescreen)

Usplash Themes by MBL 5 comments

I just tested the usplash on my laptop and its super nice, simple and right to the point. Good job man... Keep on doing that. - Jul 09 2008

Metacity Themes by jinx 3 comments

Sorry but I never saw EduUbuntu, also there is some actuall changes to the theme, not big changes, but some. So dont use it if u dont like it or its a copy, but i never knew what EduUbuntu uses. - Jul 08 2008

Metacity Themes by jinx 4 comments

Not really. I have tested this on Fedora 9 and it really doesnt work. This is because this themes works with "ubuntulooks engine" and this is my next step to fix and or modify to work with clearlooks. - Jul 05 2008

Metacity Themes by jinx 4 comments

Hi! Well listen, you could modify it yourself by doing this:

download theme.
tar -xzvf GreenHuman.tar.gz
(do this as root)
cp -r GreenTheme /usr/share/themes
vi /usr/share/themes/GreenHuman/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
search for: #5fbd4f and replace it with your own color, then save the file, and go to System > Preferences > Appearance and select GeenHuman theme. You might need to logout and login again, so the theme will apply properly, but that should be it. - Jul 04 2008