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Christopher Hornbaker
god vs thedevil

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the texture is crazy! - Jan 15 2004
INside OUTside

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I like this one! 'Tis purdy. :-) - Dec 17 2003
Golden Gate in December

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That's a really nice picture. :-) - Dec 17 2003
Life is a Dash...

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Okay, I haven't commented on any of these flames, because... they're just stupid flames. :-) BUT, I have read the Christian Bible and all I can say is: That's seriously some weird love going on! Killing your non-virgin child is NOT love (Deuteronomy 22:13-21). You give a kidney out of love, not bleed them dry. Telling people you've come to make war is NOT love (Matthew 10:34). Creating evil (Isaiah 45:7) is NOT love. Killing "little ones" is NOT love (Psalm 137:8-9), nor is being happy while doing it.

There are more, but I'm rather tired. Good night to you all. :-) - Dec 14 2003