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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Folder emblems

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

by jice
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Nov 22 2010
You can edit the script to change the position and size of the emblem. Sorry it is not configurable more easily. - Sep 16 2011
I'd like that too, unfortunately, this is not currently supported by KDE - Nov 25 2010
thanks for the report.
version 0.4 will fix these problems. - Nov 14 2010
It won't. First it works only on directories, then it is more a hack than a real emblem support. In fact icons are generated for the folder when you assign it an "emblem".
I don't know/use dropbox, so do not know how the emblems are generated there. - Nov 07 2010
published today! - Nov 07 2010
thanks a lot! - Oct 18 2010
indeed this would be a good idea. to keep it simple, I could add a second menu entry "add emblem recursively", what do you think? - Oct 18 2010

Icon Sub-Sets 34 comments

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Feb 09 2010
For those who want more of these icons I created "folder emblems" which allows you to generate them.
++ - Nov 12 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 30 comments

by jice
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May 28 2007
I won't integrate it myself as I don't have the time, but you can use kooka in the configuration in order to scan with kooka when you press a button.
bye - May 30 2007
Anyway you gave me the idea to add a default action to the script. Thanks! - May 28 2007
I think the newly published version may solve your problems.
If I'm not wrong, your scanner uses the plustek backend, which works now (as said one of my users).
If you still have problems, please read the README file, where I explain how to test the buttons with the --debug command line option.
bye - May 28 2007
* the sane development package name depends on your distribution. On Mandriva it's called sane-devel (and probably on some other rpm based distros, but not OpenSuse I see).
* there is currently no "uninstall" target in the Makefile -> todolist
* why do you need libgphoto2-devel?
* kommander-runtime must be sufficient.

For the rpm/deb/other package, I had no time to build iot (at least rpm because I use a rpm distro), but I also put it in the todolist (though I've very little time at the moment)

Thank you for the compilation instructions ;) - Mar 20 2007
Not many solutions: or /usr/local/bin/KScannerButtons.kmdr does not exist (did you read the INSTALL and followed the instructions?) or you made a typo while typing the file name.

What's happening when you click on the installed shortcut?

I recall that you must unpack the archive in a temporary directory, and type, as your user (not root) : "make kdeinstall". This will copy files where needed, and create a shortcut on your desktop. - Sep 09 2006
this is not possible because these functions are no more in the source code (see KScannerButtons.kmdr).
Did you install it with "make kdeinstall" under your user (not root)? - Sep 07 2006
ok this should be ok now. Sorry for the "bugs" but Kommander removed some APIs and it's not written anywhere...
Please report if it works, and if yes, the brand and model of the scanner and the sane backend. - Sep 07 2006
for whatever reason, addListItem has been obsoleted and removed. I replaced it by insertItem for new bug fix version 0.9.1. This should work as expedted now. Can you please report? TIA - Sep 07 2006
I forgot to ask you what is your SANE backend?
it has been tested only with "avision" so far, but other backends must be tested. - Aug 29 2006
it's meant to manage the buttons that are physically present onto your scanner. If there are none, then installing this won't create them :p - Aug 29 2006
don't know where are these errors coming from. works perfectly at home. may be sby could check in kmdr-editor and tell me what's wrong?
It has been developped with Mandriva 2006, Kommander 1.2 under KDE 3.4.
unfortunately I'm on vacation and:
- I can't check the exact versions
- I won't be able to correct anything in the next 2 weeks. - Aug 29 2006