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Jorge Raimundo

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Oct 19 2007
I've downloaded and instaled the no buidset version, but my directories' icons are exectly the same as they were before.

What's happening? - May 12 2006

Congratulations for the icons.. I just have a problem. When I try to run the buldset script I get a "No convert found in path." message, and I just can't find out what's missing, since I've installed the convert package. I'm using SUSE 10.1 and I just don't find any other package that would make sense to install. What must I do?

Thanks in advance

Jorge - May 12 2006
kde ;-)

KDE Plasma Screenshots 5 comments

by axio
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Mar 11 2006
Thx :) - Mar 11 2006
What icons are you using?
Where can I find them? - Mar 11 2006