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Kenny Hight Herington, United States of America
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GTK2 Themes by TheRob 231 comments

U need to put the path in there for where u are putting it with that command. The way that command looks to me is as if you are just telling it to cp itself to itself so where ever you want it like say I wanted to move a folder from music to videos in my home folder i would do

cp /home/username/music/folder /home/kenny/videos/folder

If you are using Ubuntu u would benefit from just clicking the tar.bz2 file and draggin it out of there like you would using winzip and then open System/Preferences/Appearance and drag it into that program and drop it. I can do it with the command line but this way just seems so much quicker to me because either way I have to open the Appearance program. - Sep 12 2009