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Jez Hopkins bristol, United Kingdom

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Sep 23 2010
Hi Karmicbastler
Got this problem sorted. Dragged folder to .themes and it works now.
Many thanks for reply
Jez - Feb 22 2010
O.k! Dragged Azenis folder from Desktop to .themes and all is working fine now. I am the only user so I don't need to bother with /share. Cool looking theme, the best Ubuntu theme I have found.Much better than boring brown!
Many thanks.
- Feb 22 2010
Very nice looking theme but having trouble installing.I copy Azenis from desktop to usr/share/themes but it does not show up in System>Preferences> Appearance>Theme. I navigate to usr/share/themes/Azenis but the whole folder is locked and has only root permissions. I have tried chmod and chown from the terminal but was left with an empty metacity-1 folder. Surely there is an easier way or have I missed something - Feb 20 2010