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Martin Dvorak
KDE 3.5 Themes

KDE 3.5 Themes 59 comments

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Oct 01 2005
Yes, I will try to make it more user friendly in the next release.

About speed, you've probably hit the worst case (big tiled background and QT's tab pane widget), I'll look into speeding this up. - Oct 08 2005
See the Bugzilla entry for this bug (and workaround at the end of page): - Oct 08 2005
MetaTheme currently needs JDK 1.5, if you don't want (can't) upgrade, you can try the patch at - Oct 02 2005
Just copy *.msstyles files from theme package(s) to directory ~/.metatheme/msstyles/ (create it if it doesn't exist). Then run mt-config, choose MSSTYLE Loader and click on the Configure button. - Sep 29 2005
Can you tell me what exact steps you did when installing MetaTheme?

To repair this, enter runlevel without X, you can achieve this by passing the parameter "3" to your boot loader. Then login in console as an ordinary user you're using, and run "metatheme-install -u", this should deactivate MetaTheme and set safe defaults. As you have problems with KDM too, it seems that you set MetaTheme also for user root, so login as root and type the same command. Then either type "init 5" or reboot. - Sep 25 2005
MetaTheme currently needs JDK 1.5, if you don't want (can't) upgrade, you can try patch at - Sep 23 2005
Did you run the metatheme-install script? - Sep 22 2005
See the Bugzilla entry for this bug (and workaround): - Sep 16 2005
Thanks for the bug report. I've created a Bugzilla entry for this bug. I'll contact you later when the patch will be available to try it if it works. If you don't mind of course :) - Sep 08 2005
Yes, via the MSSTYLE loader. See

There are many other MSSTYLE themes, the page shows only a few of them. - Sep 01 2005
Not now, but since it's a modification of Plastik, I'll see what I can do in future releases. - Jan 01 2005
MetaTheme's main goal is to make full unification between all supported toolkits. The full unification means mainly two things: pixel-perfect look and the same or similiar behaviour of widgets between toolkits.

To fulfil this requirement MetaTheme provides through it's API only things that can be fully supported in all supported toolkits. Also each toolkit has a different set of widgets, so using theme engine from another toolkit is not sufficient for full unification.

At this time, MetaTheme supports only QT/KDE and GTK2 toolkits. But in future it will have support for others (like GTK1, Java, Mozilla, OpenOffice, and maybe others). - Jun 24 2004
Thanks for bug report.

Can you tell me what version of GTK and GCC do you have?

I've made a patch for the last error you mentioned. You can download it here:

Apply it by running this command in the metatheme directory:

patch -p1 < metatheme-scrollbar-spacing-fix.diff

Though it may not work, depending which other changes your GTK version has. - Jun 01 2004
msstyle loader prototype

KDE 3.5 Themes 29 comments

Score 58.0%
Aug 30 2004
MetaTheme now supports loading of MSSTYLE themes. Not only for KDE, but also for plain QT, GTK2 and Java/SWING, consistently. See the URL: - Sep 01 2005