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Jephrei Carlos

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Sep 28 2010
NICE! .3 works great(ish). there are some weird things as you well know. but that's expected as it's a work in progress. for example clicking artists while in rhythmarty mode doesn't do anything. but besides the little freakin works! good stuff. i'll try .4 soon.

may i make a suggestion? have an option to either list the songs like it is now or to not actually see the list of songs, but when the album is clicked, the album plays from the begging right from that page. just a thought. - Sep 28 2010
hey! the idea is great...and thank you for your coding time spent. unfortunately i have yet to actually use it.

i first installed the 0.1-1 deb and when i selected the plugin it froze rhythmbox. i must've tried it about 5 times. sometimes even with a restart. i do have almost 25000 songs but still...i left it on for hours at one point and nothing.

the second time i tried 0.2-1 (i uninstalled the old package too) and when i tried to select just wouldn't check the box. no freeze...just wouldn't select. almost like it was an image of a checkbox and not an actual working checkbox.

i have lucid and the latest rhythmbox (for lucid is 0.12.8) on an i386.

hope this helps you in your quest to create a less buggie plugin as well as help me to rock this damn fine feature. THANKS! - Sep 23 2010