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Jens Rutschmann , Germany
Amarok 1.x Scripts
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
KMix Patch: Toggle muting with middle mo

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 3 comments

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Jan 16 2007
Yes it is really not that easy to install.

I am running gentoo here and my KDE installation is probably quite different from the one debian has in its package manager. Thats why I only posted a patch here.

If you like it then please go to the KDE bugzilla page (link is in the description) and give it a few votes.
The bug report still has only 100 votes (thats 5 people giving 20 votes each) though the patch seems to be quite popular here on

I would really like to see the functionality in KDE 4 without manually patching it. I guess it won't be included in 3.5 because of the string freeze.

BTW: Sorry for the late reply, I found that "Comment Subscription" thing just today ;-) - Jul 01 2007

System Software 36 comments

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Nov 12 2007
perhaps you should write somewhere that Qt 4.2 is needed.

I tried to compile it with Qt 4.1 and got this error:
wizard.cpp:58: error: ‘class QLabel’ has no member named ‘setStyleSheet’

setStyleSheet() is included in Qt since version 4.2 - Mar 11 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 7 comments

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May 31 2006
I decided not to implement a configuration dialog since that would probably blow the size of the script to a multiple of the current size (>100 lines of code).

Perhaps I will add one later but I'm very busy at the moment, maybe I have time in a few weeks. - Mar 22 2006
Perhaps this was not that easy to see from the description, so I changed it. - Mar 22 2006