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Jeff  Hoogland

GTK3 Themes 29 comments

by tcl
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Dec 28 2014
Apparently there are some issues with this theme and some text inputs in firefox. More details here -> - Feb 22 2015
Both of those patches result in essentially the same appearance: - Jan 22 2015
I can't manage to get these patches to apply properly. What command am I supposed to be using and what is the patch file supposed to look like? Could you just patsebin an updated css file for me? - Jan 22 2015
I am looking at the .ui file for this part of the Ubiquity installer and the object doesn't appear to have a hard coded theme. It is a "StateBox" object.

I've uploaded the code that generates for viewing here -> - Jan 17 2015
I am hoping to use this GTK theme with Bodhi 3.0.0

I have one major issue with the current theme. The second screen of the Ubuntu Ubiqity installer has unreadable text: - Jan 16 2015