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Angelic Sounds

System Sounds 17 comments

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May 12 2005
Awsome! Thank you! - Feb 20 2009
Ok, so this reply is only about 2 years too late! (Sorry to make you wait. Up until recently I've been really busy making alot of music here in the U.S. and Japan.)

I actually did the MIDI portion of this on a Windoze box around 2002 using Sonar. The actual recording of the music and sounds, I did only about a day or two before I posted the sounds using a Mac with Logic and finishing the product with Audacity using Mepis.

I know, I know, it's not a pure linux creation, but I was a linux newbie back then and really was having a hard time finding software that was (for me) easy to use (especially since I'm a pure writer and play the keyboard horribly).

I plan on doing some more sounds using either Ubuntu Studio and/or Musix, now that Rosegarden is a little less foreign to me now. Also, since I just recently lost my job, unfortunately I have the time to do more! Yikes!


P.S. Your sounds are great too! Are you going to come up with any more? - Feb 20 2009
Actually, I use the "angelic-open.ogg" as the startup sound and the "angelic-close.ogg" or the "angelic-close2.ogg" as the closing sound. I guess I should have named it better. Oh well...
As far a an email notification, I'm planning on uploading some more notifications that follow the same theme as the Angelic Sounds in a little while, not to replace the current downloads, but to add to them. Just give me a couple of weeks or so. Thanks again for the input!! - May 15 2005
Yeah, you're right. One day when I have some more time I'll write a bit more and record some more for the missing notifications. Are there any you have a preference for? Let me know... - May 14 2005
I incorrectly said the music was inspired by a log on screen. Actually, it was a splash screen. The splash's name is "Angel Splash". Sorry for the mix-up. - May 12 2005

Wallpaper Other 16 comments

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Apr 23 2008
This is wonderful! Nice, clean, and simple. Just one request: the same wallpaper in color (such as blue or green). Just a thought... - May 14 2005
Angel Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 11 comments

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Aug 20 2003
Nice splash screen! So nice I created a set of system sounds for it. It's under System Sounds and is named Angelic Sounds. Hope you like the sounds as much as I like the splash!! - May 12 2005