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Calvin Klisch , United States of America
CD/DVD Labels
Ultimate Edition 2.2 Theme Final

GTK2 Themes 86 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 20 2009
I've never been a fan of dark themes but I can't help but make an exception for this. Great work! Extra kudos for taking the time to package it up to a .deb!! - Jun 04 2009
Polar Theme

GTK2 Themes 38 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 05 2009
For the menu items I was thinking a thin stroke around the entire rectangle. As for the toolbar yes a kind of underline for clear seperation. - Jun 04 2009
The titlebar font with dropshadow makes it hard to read and would be a no-go for me just for that. I'd also maybe add a a thin white stroke around the selected menu item graphic and maybe some other elements like the toolbar for a smooth yet defined look. Just my 2 cents. - May 29 2009
Ubuntu v8.04 Desktop Edition CD Label V2

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Apr 24 2008
The alien is simple. Ubuntu is a newbie friendly distro. Linux is alien to newcomers, so alien saying peace...friendly new(alien) distro.. get it? Yeah I thought about adding more info to the version but then I'd have to upload a bunch of versions. I thought that might be a little obnoxious :) - Apr 25 2008