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KNet (formerly kdsl)

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Apr 23 2005
hi there,
sorry for the slow reply. Firstly, at the moment, you cannot set up a general knetrc file system wide.
Secondly, the script editor is used to pass pppd scripts to pppd to establish a connection. The best way to learn how to connect using pppd from the commandline is to read its manpage. Perhaps down the line I will show some examples for it. Just haven't had much time to work on it the last 12 months.
Thankyou for the feedback - Apr 17 2006
Hello, and thankyou.
Glad to hear it is working well for you. The reason I have not tried get this program included in KDE is because I simply don't have the time anymore to put a lot of effort into the program. I will port the program to KDE4 when an Alpha Release is made available, but because of my constant travelling commitments for work, I just can't be relied upon to meet KDE's release cycles.
Also, there's a lot that still needs to be done to make it work on all systems (i.e It doesnt work for everyone smoothly), so really it's not ready to be included into the KDE tree. - Jan 24 2006
it looks like that the debian package does not give the correct permissions to the knet files to make it work. Make sure the Knet binary is SETUID. You can do this from the command line in the directory where knet is installed: chmod +4755 knet

I hope this helps. - Jul 08 2005
Currently, router support is in its early stages in KNet because I do not have a router to test it with. However, if you're able to work with me a little to add the support you need, I will certainly do so. Please let me know.. I am working hard to get another release out soon, and it would be good to include this in the next release.
- Jul 01 2005
Firstly, thank-you for your feedback and encouragement.
At the moment, I haven't got anyone willing to test the program to give me feedback of success or failures, and its hard for me to implement different connections when all I have is a basic ADSL connection to test with. If you, or anyone is interested in helping make DSL support the features (and protocols) you want, I am more than happy to work with you to get the result that can benefit a lot of people. But unless I get some help (does not have to be a programmer) not much will change. Testers is really all I need. - Jun 22 2005

Its an odd problem because its complaining about KDE's header files...
two things to try...
The first thing:
go to the knet directory and type the following:
make distclean
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

The second thing you could possibly try is upgrading gcc to gcc-3.4.1

Other than this, I really dont know why its failing on compilation. - Apr 30 2005
I need to know more about your system. What distro are you using? What version of KDE you using (and even version of QT) and also what version of gcc you are using.

Knet was written for KDE3.4, but has compiled and worked succesfully on a SUSE system using KDE3.3. I suspect that Knet will not compile on older versions of KDE because of a change in some of KDE's libraries. - Apr 30 2005
Thank-you. :) - Apr 27 2005
you have to install the X development paackages. They should be on your Suse CD's.
You will probably also have to install all the KDE-devel packages if they're not already installed. - Apr 24 2005
How do you do this? I searched the net and the only real information I found was to use the now obsolete kerneld to run a script called request-route. Seeing as most modern Linux OS's probably use kmod, I am at a loss, unless I am missing the point altogether. - Apr 24 2005
It would be good. Not sure how to implement it though, because other programs would need to make a DCOP call to say 'I need internet' and then start KNet. I know KPPP had some DCOP calls in it, so I will see if its already implemented in KPPP and adapt it here. - Apr 23 2005
I am unsure exactly what you are asking for here. I am guessing you are asking if it is possible to limit the bandwidth for the connections.
What I need to know is are you asking to limit the speed of the connection? Or are you asking to limit how much can be uploaded / downloaded in a given set time (e.g, 3 gigs for 1 month)?
Either way, would be curious to know your thoughts on this, because I've never even thought of it before, but it does sound like a promising addition to the program.
Incidentally, a new version of the program will be released in the next few weeks when I finish tidying it up. If you want a preview of it for testing, please email me.
- Apr 20 2005
Thank-you for your kind comments.
I'm currently working in my spare time on a new version which is a complete re-write, so hopefully will be easier to use, yet more powerful. Any suggestions you have to make kdsl a better program, please let me know. - Feb 22 2005

what version of Debian are you using? - Oct 17 2004
It depends where it installed. The default location is /usr/local/kde and has probably installed in there.

You should be able to delete this direcotry, but if you have other files in there, just delete /usr/local/kde/share/apps/kdsl

Incidentally, if you dont wish other programs you compile to install in this directory, you can setup a KDEDIR environement in .bash_profile or whatever program is used by SUSE. Just add:
then reboot or login to bash again. Then when you compile programs, it should always set the prefix for installation into /opt/kde3

ALSO - For Redhat / Fedora users, the same problem occurs. you will have to configure kdsl with ./configure --prefix=/usr
Again, you can set the KDEDIR environment to point to the root directory for KDE. ( KDEDIR=/usr)
Hope this helps - Oct 17 2004
Hi, and thank-you.
Try compiling as root user with:
./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3
make install

I am unsure, but I think Suse 9.1 has the KDE directory at /opt/kde3, and it is likely that it didnt install kdsl into that directory. Therefore, Kdsl wont be able to find the icons. Try recompiling with the above options and let me know how you go. - Oct 14 2004
I just installed Suse 9.0 on my computer to test kdsl, and experienced the same bug. There is a fix though. Go to kdsl-0.4/src and then open docbrowser.cpp with a text editor, and comment out line 43.

// khtmlpart->setStatusMessagesEnabled(true);

Then recompile. It should compile fine.
Hopefully I will fix all the little bugs when I get time to get back into development. - Jul 24 2004
Thank-you for the comments.

1. The first problem isnt a bug, but probably the way Suse has set up the environment. Kdsl has been setup so it will install in the default $KDEDIR environment, so whatever value is set, it should install there. This can be over ridden at compile time if you execute
./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3

2. I've never heard this problem before but I will investigate. It will help me if I know about your set up a little more. How many network cards you have installed. etc. I have 2 network cards in my computer, and I've never had to add any extra values, but if I need to support anything extra, I will certainly do so.

3. I agree with this problem. The popup is hardcoded to the bottom right of the screen, only because I havent been able to work out how to get it to appear in the appropriate place in the system tray. I am still working on this, but I agree with you, and personally, I dont like the way it is. You can however, turn it off in the Settings section.

4. I will work on adding an option to leave the icon in the system tray always, even when the connection is disconnected. This isnt difficult to do, but I made Kdsl this way because I preferred not to have an icon there when it was disconnected. However, for those who are used to KInternet, I will add support for this in the next release.

Thank-you so much for your comments, All comments are greatly appreciated. - May 17 2004
Konnection, and Konnektion, and names like that are used in other areas already, and part of the agreement with sourceforge is that I dont use a name for a project that could possibly be a conflict with another project or another organisation. Kdsl was ok, but the project is no longer just for DSL accounts. Thats why I was leaning towards 'KomeOnline!' because its unique and represents what the application would do.
However, I am not too fussy with the name. Any good names people can suggest that arent used elsewhere will be considered. - Apr 06 2004
:) Lots of work!!!!! I will go bald!
I think it would be VERY important to have a group of people work on an API for the kparts code, so it can be easily used by other apps if they wish to use Kdsl to start an internet connection on demand. Unfortunately, I dont think I am able to do this alone, and would need a lot of good guidance to achieve it.
The plugins idea I very much like. It is incredibly difficult to write code for protocols I dont even use, because I am unable to test the features constantly. SO a good API that could be used for developers to write plugins would be necessary. I'm still left with the same question, what is the best way to implement these features?
I agree Kdsl needs a name change. One of the ideas we had was KomeOnline! What do you think? My wife thinks it's corny!! But I like it! - Apr 06 2004
You're using the same autoconf as myself, and I installed kdsl on redhat 9 as well, with no problems at all. I installed Redhat 9 on my system to see if I could duplicate your problem, but all is working well on my end. I don't know what else I can suggest. The only thing I had to do with Redhat was install kdsl with ./configure --prefix=/usr , so it would install the files in the correct spot, because my redhat 9 system did not have the KDEDIR environment set. - Mar 15 2004
I would love to see much better integration of Internet protocols and accounts through out KDE. The big question is, How should it be achieved? I thought about converting Kdsl into a plugin based system where people can write plugins for their particular needs (plugins for ISDN, PPPoA, Dialup, whatever), but wasnt sure if this is a good solution. Another idea is making a program KParts aware, where other programs can call on 'Internet Connections Manager' of sorts, and utilise connections that way. I've no idea if its a good way to go... SO, what do we do? One app that handles all different protocols, or a manager to handle all different connection programs? - Mar 11 2004
Hi. What version of redhat are you using? You might need to upgrade your autoconf packages. Kdsl doesnt even use the libart libraries, so this problem you are having has got me baffled. By the way, kdsl is a KDE 3.2 application, and should also work with KDE 3.1 (I've compiled it and used it on the latest standard Redhat Release)
- Mar 11 2004
Yes, I use Bigpond.... I use a few aDSL connections actually, which is why I wrote this program, because I needed a quick and easy way to access the internet with each different provider and all there different settings.

Download the program, and install it, and then hit the Setup Button. Once there, have a browse through the documentation. There should be enough information there to help you get your Linux box setup with ADSL.

By the way, I'm a Queenslander living in Tasmania!!! :o) - Mar 01 2004
A Big Thank You

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 35 comments

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Dec 24 2005
I just wanted to say thank-you for your appreciation of the KDE team and the developers. As a developer and a contributor to KDE, I often get a lot of negativity and discouragement. More often (as you just seen for yourself) we get a lot of dickheads complaining and carrying on. Please don't ever let the morons get you down.... KDE really does thrive on the positive feedback users such as yourself give. Once again Thank-you Kate - Dec 26 2005
KDE CC/IC, Konqueror, KMail (IN CVS)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 128 comments

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Feb 01 2005
Slightly off topic....

I'm beginning to think that maybe a group of us (designers, programmers) should start a new project with the sole aim of improving the visual elements of KDE throughout, and perhaps offer themes and patches for the most hideous of KDE apps (think, the K button Menu, ugly box with menus and icons... its the most hideous I've seen). However, I still believe that a project like this should NOT concentrate on improving usability, only because changing source code can sometimes break other programs abilities to work properly, and as such should be left to the actual developers to change them.
Anyone with ideas on this?
(keep it constructive please) - Dec 27 2004
Thats the entire purpose.. to make it look nice! - Dec 27 2004
It would be very nice, especially considering the amount of requests and comments that are posted around the web about the usability of the Control Center. However, just because the changes we all would like to see haven't been implemented yet, it should not mean that we just sit around waiting for the changes before we concentrate on visuals. - Dec 27 2004
I actually have been working closely with lokheed on this, and a screenshot of what I have been working on is available:

This IS actually what my KControlCenter looks like now after the modifications I made to the source code, and needs some minor adjustments, so hopefully a patch will be available in the next few days.
As far as usability is concerned, nothing has changed at all from the previous KControlCenter. This little project is only intended to improve the visuals of KControlCenter, and any changes people wish to be made to the usability of the ControlCenter need to be forwarded to the appropriate KDE developers. - Dec 27 2004
LOL, well, work would progress if you replied to your emails!!! :P

Incidentally, I have this working on my computer now - its not perfect, and I need more stuff from lokheed to see if I can get everything looking as close to his screenshot as possible.
Expect a patch in a few days (if all goes to plan!) - Dec 25 2004
I just wanted to point out that in KControl, widgets are NOT used at all.
The pages are simply information pages containing text, with the rest of the display being pictures. In this respect, having it themeable so you can change the visuals is a great idea.
The plugins in KControl that change the System settings remain entirely the same. Changing your Window Decorations (e.g. Plastik, or Keramik), will change the look of the buttons and other widgets for all applications system wide. That would remain the same even if the above patch is made available. - Dec 25 2004
The download is not a patch to improve KControl Center. This is simply an idea on how to make the Control Center look better. - Dec 25 2004
Can this method handle internationalisation? I think the reason it was coded this way originally was to handle the many languages KDE has to run on.
Also, how would this affect speed? I've noticed that widgets rendered from XML tend to be slow, and might possibly make the main Control page sluggish. Thankfully, there is not much detail to these pages, so your idea might be the best option we have. - Dec 25 2004
I looked at the source code for KControl.
For those who want to hack at it, get the KDE Base source code, and go to kcontol/kcontrol/aboutwidget.cpp

the changes need to be made there to cater for any kinds of new graphics layouts.
the basic png's are kept in the pics folder in the kcontrol/kcontrol/ directory.. They too will have to be changed.
Also note, if anyone is going to hack at this, just remember the graphics you use cannot contain writing... the writing gets added in by aboutwidget.cpp to cater for the different languages.

It doesnt look all that difficult to change, but can be time consuming! Good Luck - Dec 25 2004
Sidebar improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 26 comments

by ra1n
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Jul 15 2004
Sorry for adding to the flame war......

I know this has nothing to do with the project, but what shits me so much is when people constantly criticise the work and effort people put into development on Linux. Give the developers a fair go. A lot of effort has gone into making even the smallest thing work, and even if you do not like it, doesnt mean it should be so poorly criticised. How about offering some encouragement and some suggestions so together we can improve things? Grow up for gods sake. - Jul 17 2004
Beach Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 6 comments

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Apr 11 2004
I look forward to the screenshots :) - Apr 21 2004
Just a thought, you could possibly try to use icons that are consistent with the beach theme, like shells, surfers, beach balls, Bikini clad women, or fish!

I have seen an icon set around for beach themes, but no idea where to find it now. None the less, nice idea - Apr 12 2004

Financial 3 comments

by favo
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Jan 23 2004
I was going to write a program just like this because I really wanted something like this. But you did a better job than I could've done!

Thank-u - Apr 18 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 223 comments

by ipv4
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Aug 16 2004
Hi, Kooldock is working fairly well for me.
However, the Configuration Boxes are not laid out correctly, and as a result I can't see half the writing thats on them.
Just a suggestion, try using layout management in your QT Designer file so that the boxes and the textLineEdits can resize and reformat themselves depending on the fonts or languages people use.
Other than that, nice app! - Apr 18 2004
Kontact Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 12 comments

by dave
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Apr 16 2004
lol, put a 'post it note' on his head!!!
only joking
But I am unsure why a lot of themes lately have those kinda faceless men.
I think I've missed the point somewhere along the way. I am a terrible designer, but I thought about having a super imposed almost transparent calendar in the background which might look good with the other stuff you got there.. No idea if that makes sense to you. - Apr 14 2004
SIM Instant Messenger

Chat & Messenging 63 comments

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Mar 05 2007
Sim is very themeable, and you can get the look you want, including the use of Miranda icons which can be downloaded. Sim isn't a KDE app, it is designed to run on Windows platforms as well, and as a result doesn't conform to KDE's way of doing things. But that's a small issue really, considering the amount of KDE'ers who use non kde apps like Gimp!
As far as the crashing goes on your system, if you talk to the developers, they might be able to find a solution for you. Sim is working really well for me other than a few quirks, but I've found it on par with Kopete. - Apr 12 2004

Graphic Apps 25 comments

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Sep 29 2005
This is a fantastic idea. I especially like the tagging idea. And the best part is, I can turn off the 'preview' function on konqueror.... that should speed that up too!
Thank-you. - Apr 11 2004
kontact design

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 26 comments

by Emon
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Apr 15 2004
oh Emon!!!
All your work is usually exciting and well done. But this is very drab and uninspiring.
I'll be straightforward and tell you my initial thoughts:
1. The small blue world on the grey background didnt look good to me.
2. The envelope was too large.
3. The contest said the only wording they wanted on the splash screen was only 'Kontact' and nothing else because they wanted to minimalise translations...... Although, what you've got there was fine to me if its not being entered into the competition.

Anyhow, I know you can do better than this... I mean, I do use your wallpapers! :) - Apr 11 2004
Kontact Crystal SVG - Vertical

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 5 comments

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Apr 11 2004
I like this splash screen a lot more than the other one you had posted. I like the vertical rectangle. I agree with the Emon's comments about the font too. But I've no idea which font would look good.
Hope you do well, the design is terrific. - Apr 11 2004
"Global Time" Kontact Splash - idea

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 3 comments

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Apr 11 2004
I like it, the concept is nice. I dont like the font used though, its too fat, but thats my personal choice.
Other than that, it looks lovely. - Apr 11 2004
gnome 2.4

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

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Apr 10 2004
lol, I just wonder if the screenshot was an effort to lure people away from KDE, and to use the fabulous looking Gnome?
I'm deleting KDE right now!!! ;-) - Apr 10 2004

Network 175 comments

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May 08 2005
Try and locate it could be in /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib depending on where it was installed. Once you find it, make a symlink to it by issuing the command in the konsole (make sure you're in the correct directory)

ln -sf

Once thats done type ldconfig
and try and run apollon again. It should fix things :) Good luck - Apr 09 2004

Groupware 7 comments

by Bert
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Mar 20 2004
Try installing it with ./configure --prefix=/usr

Another thing you could try is setting the KDEDIR environment... Redhat does not set this environment. I think KDEDIR should be set at /usr. It would be a whole lot easier if Redhat simply installed the packages on their systems the way they should be installed!!!!!!

Good luck - Redhat is a pain! - Mar 20 2004

Chat & Messenging 4 comments

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Apr 25 2004
lol @ random crashes.
I like your humour. I can see random crashes being an ourstanding feature!!!
Good work. The interface looks great! - Mar 15 2004