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Krusader User Actions

Science 59 comments

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Dec 31 2011
Nice! Any chances to get support for PGF/TikZ, namely CircuiTikz?

It can be used directly with pdflatex; no M4, no enforced PS step and a much more readable syntax... - Jul 07 2009

System Software 101 comments

by shie
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Apr 16 2009
fixed in svn revision 6059: - Aug 13 2008
If there isn't any Makefile, you may have forgotten to run cmake first. please have a look in our INSTALL file - Aug 10 2008
Krusader uses KIO from the beginning. Very KIO-slave you use with Konqueror works also with Krusader (and even in every KDE open/save dialog ;-)) - Nov 12 2007
The viewer and editor (F3 / F4) are using KParts. I don't understand your request - Apr 09 2006
The whole philosophy behind Konqueror and Krusader is totaly different. Konqueror is a one-panel filemanager while Krusader is a twin-panel filemanager.
Sure, you can set up Konqueror with two panels as well, but then you basically got two single panels in one window but not one twin-panel. The two views are totaly independent while in a twin-panel filemanager you've got allways one source- and one target-panel for every operation. see also - May 07 2005
We don't have our own ftp-implementation. We're using KDE's I/O-System (KIO-slaves) instead, so you can use every protocoll you're using with konqueror. Try "sftp://user@host/path" in the locationbar. - Apr 12 2005
This sounds like you're missing the x11-headers. on many distibutions they can be found in a packages like xorg-devel or so. Please take also a look at the FAQ on our homepage. - Mar 12 2005
If no icons are shown in the menubar, krusader is unable to find krusaderui.rc. Have you #make install?
(please consult also the FAQ on our website, the forum or the handbook) - Jun 27 2004
Krusader is also able to use KRename for batch-renaming...

For me too, Krusader is the best Commander-style filemanager for KDE! - Jan 19 2004

Various KDE Stuff 4 comments

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Feb 10 2007
Is there any relation to the (really good) windoze programm mp3tag? - Feb 11 2007
User Customizable Actions to konqueror

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Sep 23 2006

we have something like this in Krusader. The drawback of Service-menus is that they are only accesable via the context-menu. Krusader User Actions are completely integrated in the application like the build-in actions (so you can put them in the toolbar or assign a shortcut if you like) - Sep 23 2006
Configuration experience level

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 34 comments

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Jul 05 2005
I like the idea of a simple configuration for beginners and a powerfull one for experts. However, four radio-buttons make the whole thing even more complex.

Here is my Proposal:
When the config-dlg. ist first shown, it's in simple-mode. In the bottom-line you've got the buttons:

[help] [defaults] [expert-mode] <-> [ok] [apply] [cancel]

When the user clicks the expert-mode button, all options become visible and the caption of this button changes to "simple mode".
In simple-mode only the basic options are visible, the rest is default, while in expert-mode everything is accessable. that's it.

- May 25 2005

System Software 3 comments

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Jan 04 2005

I made an gentoo-ebuild for you app based on the eclass in this bug: which provied very easy installation of kommander-based applications. It has to be copied to $PORTAGE_OVERLAY/eclass in order to work.

however I get many errors like "script for @screenSize_fullscreen is empty"

====== /usr/local/portage/net-misc/krdesktop/krdesktop-0.4.ebuild ======
# Copyright 2004 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, v2 or later
# $Header: $

inherit kommanderapp


DESCRIPTION="KRDesktop is a GPL-ed KDE (QT3) front-end for rdesktop"



src_unpack() {
unpack ${A}
cd ${S}
chmod a+r "${P}.kmdr" || die "chmod not possible"
======== EOF ======= - Jan 05 2005

Utilities 15 comments

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May 08 2006
some whishes:

-) auto-define r[n] as variable for the last result (so that r or r1 are standing for the result in the history-line above. r2 for the result two lines above, aso. errors are ignored):

-) dcop-interface to submit an expression/get the result (that would i.e. permit an kicker-applet: klick a little icon and a lineedit pops up -> enter the expression and send it to abakus)

-) self-defined functions:
f(x)=x^2 + 2*x - 6 => (done)
f(4) => 18

-) save history to file (txt)
-) save defined function to file:
file could look like this:
f(x) = x^2 + 5
g(x,y) = 2*x + 4*y
test = 77.2346
log(x, base=e) = ln(x) / ln(base) # just an example for default-values

-) set a list of function-sets which should be loaded automaticly on startup - Oct 06 2004

System Software 40 comments

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Sep 21 2004
> Any suggestions for an improved "expert"-interface?

A button to convert normal mounts to supermount:
/dev/cdroms/cdrom0 /mnt/cdrom iso9660 noauto,ro,user 0 0
none /mnt/cdrom supermount ro,dev=/dev/cdroms/cdrom0,fs=iso9660,-- 0 0

A little button to add options with a description would also be nice.... maybe you can read the description of the file-system spesific option out of the correspondent man-pages at runtime.... - Aug 20 2004
IDEA: split view toolbar, sync/diff

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Aug 14 2004
Nearly all the features you requested here are available in Krusader, a twin-panel filemanager.

You said that there are other apps doing all this but you want konqi to do it. Why? Don't get me wrong, but the message I get from you suggestion is: I want a commander-style filemanager but don't want to use one. Please implement in the explorer-style Konqueror a commander-mode...
What do you mean with "Konq integration is the key to productivity"? - Aug 14 2004

System Software 31 comments

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Aug 03 2004
It would be great if you'd add support for esearch, a kind of locate for ebuilds (
It makes an index of all ebuilds allowing a very fast search. In addition 'esync' does 'emerge sync', updates the db and displays you everythink what has changed since your last sync. very handy! - Jul 25 2004

Graphic Apps 4 comments

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Jun 24 2004
Sorry, I'm just a privat user and haven't several dozent computers around to test it with all possible configurations! I've tested it on my PC with QT 3.3 and KDE 3.2 as well as KDE 3.1. In additiobn I testet it on my PowerBook (ppc) and it worked there too.

Also You may see the word 'preview' in the version. I've never said that there are no bug in it. If you want to be sure to have Software without bugs you should use a computer anyway.

It is impossible, at least for me, to release software without bugs. Also I've put my software here that more people can test it and if problems occure I'm willing to help. - Jun 26 2004
You're right, I'm using QT 3.3
I wasn't aware that UIC complaines about that, becaue I haven't used any widgets that aren't available in QT 3.2

Try to open the file with designer and resave it. I hope that helps. - Jun 26 2004

Utilities 74 comments

by Fry26
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Jul 12 2006
Hey, me too! ;)
I wrote a plugin for the windows Filemanager Total-Commander ( ), but since I don't use windows anymore I don't maintain this project anymore. You may want to look at it for some feature-insperation for your IOSlave... - Apr 12 2004