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James no Oakville, Canada
Radeon Power Management

Plasma 4 Extensions 71 comments

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Jun 20 2012
This plasmoid is the gift of gold to all Linux users who stand by the OSS radion driver.

J, is there anything that needs to be done to keep it up to date?
Would it make sense to try to write some systemd/cpufreq interface instead of directly writing to the files (which I think that it does) - Nov 09 2012
Thanks for the help.

Following your instructions i realized that my current user didn't have permissions to access the debug fs.
I changed the owner group for the fs to adm (chown -R adm), added read and navigate permissions to the group (chmode -R g+rX),and made sure that my user was in adm, then restarted the widget : now everything works. - Aug 03 2011
This plugin has been a major help for me. I suffer from a problem that many have, with dell laptops that use i7s and Radon HD Mobiles, where they overheat easily.

Your plasmooid works well for me, if I install it manually, not from the kde automatic downloader, and as long as I followed your instructions above.

Please note that additionally, I had to overwrite the setting for the temperature monitor (different card integer)

I am writing to ask for help with the other information values. How can I get the memory and power information to work. - Aug 02 2011

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Apr 29 2020
I'm new at cooperating through kde-apps.

Can someone point me towards how I would checkout a copy of the source. I'm assuming that kde-apps has a git or mercurial repo for all of the apps.

I want to see how it's laid out, because I have some ideas that I'd like to try with it. - May 20 2010

Plasma Color Schemes
by skulptor

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Apr 03 2011
Radeon Power Management

Plasma 4 Extensions
by jemino

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9   Jul 29 2011

Plasma Color Schemes
by skulptor

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9   Apr 03 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions
by admoore

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9   Mar 13 2011
SHOUTcast service

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by cotko

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9   Dec 13 2010