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Metacity Themes by Aitvo 9 comments

i must comment, not on your theme, but a common annoyance that i find in some themes posted here.

this is the output of du (disk usage) on your theme.

355K gtk-2.0/
133K gtk-2.0/.xvpics/
339K metacity-1/
149K metacity-1/.xvpics/

almost half of the size of your theme comes from unnecessary files. let's not forget icons/iconrc~ either. it's great that so many of you guys take time to make themes for the community, but it would be nice to see a little more care put into releasing these themes.

this is not directed only at you. i hope some of the other themers will also take this into consideration as well.

as for the theme itself, the gtk part is a bit much for me. the mcity theme looks quite nice though, i'd like to see a version that takes it's color from gtk. - Jan 16 2005