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dmitry  douka

KDE 3.5 Themes by javoll 4 comments

you can find some themes in Look&Feel/Theme ManagerTheme Manager section of your KDE Center Application.
That theme is not for theme manager, you must set all the parts by yourself, with the help of Look&Feel section. Accent on Color scheme, Style, Decorations, Desktop wallpaper, and icons sections. - Dec 28 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by oever 126 comments

You can resolve this by removing 0.3.11/0.3.10 version and compiling 0.3.9 or younger. This is because >0.3.10 needs qt4, but by some miracle it compiles, but don't works. Unfortunetly, even 0.3.9 is too buggy, i tried it, and when i ran strigidaemon, and clicked "Start indexing" in konqueror's strigi:/ kio_slave, it indexed about 2000 files and then went down. After restarting, this error occured again and again, so there is no doubt to setup strigi this time. Instead better wait for some more stable version. I'm trying to find information on how to setup beagle+kerry on slackware-current.

Is there anybody how knows how do it? - Dec 13 2006