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javier cifuentes Santiago, Chile
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DDakji(Sticker) Icon Theme

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Jun 30 2010
thank you for the response and please keep improving your icon theme ;) - Jun 30 2010
hi can you upload your theme again, because the server says it has already reached the download limit, and i found the icon theme in other websites, but only the mac os style one.

i would realy aprecciate it

beside that, when are you going to update the theme? because, for me it's the best icon theme ever.

bye - Jun 30 2010
hi, first of all congratulations for all the work, it the best icon set ever. but i have some suggestions to you. you should edit the icons that appear in the osd, because it's set to default and i think it wouldn't be so hard to do.

PD: yo should add the boxee icon, cause it's very similar to the design you give to the icon set.

See ya - Nov 21 2009
hi, great set of icons, i think i saw them on deviant art, but beside that, i recommend you to put the shutdown icon that's on meliae dust theme, i think that one would fit better than the one it's today, thanks and congratulations for the great job ;) - Jul 18 2009
Wood AWN Theme

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Mar 01 2012
what icon set do you have installed there? it? nice ;) - Mar 08 2010
DDajki skyblue

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Nov 02 2009
hi, if you mean the buttons i use dockbarx, you can use the launchpad repository to have it. when you have the applet you have to download the skin, i use one of the tonky desktop, you can found it here

when you download it, you have to copy the Tonkybar.tar.gz to usr/share/dockbarx/themes

then you add to the panel the dockbarx applet and enter to properties and select the tonky theme

beside this, you have yo put the panel to alpha 0% (transparent) and you will have the panel exactly as me

i hope this will help you


PD: did you have any problem with the theme? - Nov 03 2009
i found it searching in google, beside that, i couldn't update it cause it's to heavy to opendesktop. anyway, i'm going to upload it to rapidshare so you can download it - Nov 02 2009

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Jul 25 2009
what set of icons is that one??

please - Jul 18 2009
KillBang Kazow!

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Apr 17 2009
you should make a metacity theme for this one, like the one on the brushed theme and it would be the best gtk ever ;) see ya - Jun 19 2009

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by greoj
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Nov 23 2008
would yo update this, to have somenice icons in Notify-osd please?? i really like your job, keep working on it ;)

thanks - Apr 29 2009
Score 58.6%
Oct 30 2009