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Jan van Leeuwen Freistadt, Austria
Quanta Plus

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Jan 26 2007
Quanta is still mich in use, it would be nice if the one or the other developer would start working on it again. A port to KDE 4 would be of great help.
I guess there are users enough that will support this, I would certainly. - Mar 31 2012

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Sep 27 2005
Have it installed but get an empty screen!
Anyone have an idea? - Mar 07 2004
Could someone please tell me how to install Rekall. I downloaded it, installed RPM with Suse 9.0 prof and Yast and am looking for the scriptfile "configure" but can't find it.

Or does someone know a simple way to:
- append a dbf-database (100.000 records)
- sort this dbf-database to a new one
- sort out a part to a new database
- use this dbf-database for lookups

If this works then Linux is fully funktional for our buisiness.

Thanks for any responds at - Mar 01 2004