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Jan Schaefer
System Software

System Software 7 comments

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Apr 27 2006
Sure. This is a useful extension. I was already planning such a feature. - Apr 28 2006
Hehe. This is intentionally only working with Yum (so this is a feature ;-)), but it is possible to extend it to also support deb. Perhaps the actual update routine could be abstracted out of the core tool so that it could be extended for every package management system. This should be pretty easy. However, I need people then telling me what commands to call and how the output of these comments look, and who are willing to beta-test these extensions. So go ahead ;-) - Apr 28 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

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Jun 07 2004
You can use Perl instead of sed,
because perl can emulate sed behaviour:

perl -pi -e 's/Hello/World/g' *.desktop

replaces all occurrences of Hello with World in place. - Jun 10 2004
When mounting a CD-ROM, the script gives an error saying:

sed: unkown option -- i

I use SuSE 8.2 with
GNU sed version 3.02.80 - Jun 08 2004
Did you thought of implementing this as a KDE-Demon like KNemo? I think this would be the best. - Jun 08 2004

Network 13 comments

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Jun 08 2004
Yes it supports Samba 3. - Mar 12 2004
Could you send me a more detailed error description? - Feb 01 2004
I have no idea, sorry!? - Feb 01 2004

System Software 12 comments

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Feb 17 2004
This applet is awesome!
I have used version 0.1 all the time and I cannot live without it anymore. It gives your CPU a face!
Great work!
- Feb 17 2004

Office Apps 53 comments

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Nov 20 2007
I use this program on a daily basis. I write every LaTeX document with Kile.
I wrote my project report and will write my diploma thesis with it.
Many thanks! - Jan 21 2004