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Jamie Becker

Email by Temet 29 comments

You can turn any remote mail server into an SSL server like this:

MailKount mail app (STARTTLS) connects to localhost on port 993
stunnel4 running on port 993
(receives encrypted, translates back
to plain text) connects across internet to port 143 on mail server

Internet (in plain text)

IMAP or POP3 server on other end
that only accepts plain text connections on port 143

Using this technique, you can test connecting to your local "server" running SSL on port 993 just like a real SSL server, and the connection will be decrypted and forwarded to the real mail server.

Of course, this is still just as insecure as before, but at least you can test SSL for development purposes using your own, comfortable mailbox and user account.

To do this, you can use either SSLWrap or STunnel3 or Stunnel4. All of these should have emerges available in Gentoo.

example with STunnel4:


; Some debugging stuff useful for troubleshooting
debug = 7
output = stunnel4.log
client = yes

accept = 995
connect =

sudo stunnel4 pops.conf

(must use sudo or su because you're trying to connect to a port numbered below 1024, which is a privileged port.)

tail -f stunnel4.log
in the current directory for info.

Then just point your mail client to 995 on your local machine and get your POP3 mail via SSL.

It's worth repeating: this is NOT secure. it's only encrypting between your mail client and the Stunnel daemon on your computer. - Mar 05 2007
did you even look at it? - Jul 30 2006
This is very nice work... thank you. It saves a lot of time multiplied by a lot of people. I can provide hosting as well, if you like, on a 100Mb pipe in the US. Reply if interested.. - Jan 09 2004

KDE 3 Color Schemes by jamieb 4 comments

To install the scheme: (corrections to the existing directions which aren't exactly right):

Open the KDE-Menu
Open the Control Center
Click on Appearance & Themes
... Click on Colors
... Click on Import Scheme

Find the freshly-downloaded scheme file in your home directory.
Choose your new color scheme and press Ok or Apply.

Have fun! :-)

- Jan 09 2004

KDE 3 Color Schemes by jamieb 4 comments

is it too dark? it's really hard to do a dark theme in kde because some things don't change color properly (or at least in an expected fashion) and even if you get it perfect web pages might look odd..

it's had a few downloads so far so it can't be too bad. ;-) but no one's really voted yes or no on it.

one more tip. if web pages are hard to read, simply set the "Standard Background" to white. Still looks cool but a lot easier to read. - Sep 12 2003