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Nov 05 2019
Hey looks like the roll back to v2.8.2 worked for me after I logged in! Thanks for your replies man! i appreciate it. Also just FYI my initial install with v3 i logged in it it wasnt able to search vids. - Mar 10 2020
Hey zanturik. I removed v3 and have 2.8.2 now :). Is there a versioning conflict in my case with QT? does the search feature only search the videos you have in your account? Because I havent logged in yet. - Mar 10 2020
Hi zanturik, thanks for the reply. I am on manjaro 19.0.2. The three was a mistype.

I uninstalled v3 and reinstalled 2.8.2 using the plasma add on installer. I see the same behavior. Main "Plasmatube" video loads, but the "watch next" videos that show after I am unable to interact with. The search bar does not populate any new videos.

I ran the applet with kpackagelauncherqml out of CLI and got " Error loading QML file.\n7: module \"org.kde.plasma.plasmoid\" is not installed "

plasma version 5.17.5
frameworks version 5.66.0
qt version 5.14.1

thank you for your help :) - Mar 09 2020
Hey is this broken for anyone else. No functionality at all on Manjaro 19.0.3.

Running the app out of CLI I noticed the "import org.kde.plasma.plasmoid 2.0" line seems to not be working. Commenting that line out lets the applet run and it mirrors what you see when running it as a widget - Mar 09 2020