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James Cleary
Conky lua

Conky by despot77 68 comments

Hi there I had the same issue. Immediately after you call Conky from terminal you should see an error output something like this? :

llua_load: cannot open /home/james/.lua/scripts/clock_rings.lua: No such file or directory

This basically means the conkyrc file is looking for the conky_rings.lua file - which contains the function conky_clock_rings.

Easiest way to fix the issue is in your home folder create a new folder called '.lua' .
The '.' prefix means it will be hidden from normal view so you may way to enable "show hidden files" or the like for your file manager.

Now inside the '.lua' folder create another folder called 'scripts' ,then you want to move the clock_rings.lua file to the scripts folder.

That should solve the problem as we have now created the directory structure which the conkyrc file tries to use and moved the script it requires to the correct place. - Hope this helps :) - Jun 25 2013