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Jago Dragon , United States of America
KDM3 Themes
Alien userlist 1440 x 900 V.2.0

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Aug 12 2007
Please, let me know what you think so icn improve and or learn from your comments.

Thank you, - Aug 13 2007

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Feb 10 2007
Great Job!! - Feb 24 2007

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Dec 29 2006
Thanks, I will try to make that work. I have never used it before and i am kind of a novice, but I will try. - Dec 29 2006
sorry, No habla Espanol

(Sorry, I do not speak spanish) - Dec 29 2006
Thanks for the input, if you have any other problems with this theme please let me know. i will be fixing this withthe next rev.

Thanks again. - Dec 25 2006

Can you tell me what you meant by user/clock?

I will upload a screen shot withthe next rev. thanks again. - Dec 25 2006
Can some one tell me how to get a screen shot of my kdm theme please. i do not know how this is done and would like to so that i can upload it to this site. - Dec 23 2006
I am not a programmer and i do not know how to fix one bug in particular.

When ever a login fails it locks up the user input and you need to use the pulldown to restart x.

how can i fix this? I want to learn and am trying to but have limited resources. - Dec 21 2006
KDM manager for (K)ubuntu

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Oct 14 2005
my kubuntu install tells me the package is broken and that it depends on files not avilable - Nov 14 2005