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Breeze GRUB2 theme

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Sep 13 2018
Let me try to explain the way I got it working for Ubuntu 18.10. I first had a lot of problems, but finally I managed to succeed. So let's start!

1) Download the theme from the 'files' tab on this website
2) Open your download folder and right click the installed theme and press 'extract here'
3) Open the new folder created by step 2. Once you are in here, right click a blank space and press 'open in terminal'
4) type the following commands: `chmod +x` and then 'sudo ./'
5) Then you have to enter your password and a message will appear saying that you should change a thing starting with 'Grub theme...'. You will need to enter y to continue. Then you will get a screen with some variables as 'grub default=0' ...
6) You will now need to navigate using the arrows on your keyboard to the line under the last command and there you need to type this command: 'GRUB_THEME=/boot/grub/themes/breeze/theme.txt'
7) Last, you will need to press 'ctrl + x' on your keyboard to save the changes. I also believe you will have to press enter after this step.
8) Now you will get a message saying: 'Successful, restart your system' That's it! You're done! - Nov 06 2018