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ixlam m , Canada
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AA+VU Skin Pack (De-branded) fixed!!

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by ixlam
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Jan 10 2013
DL link seem ok here..
I cannot upload to Gnomelook because of file size (too big). - Nov 07 2008
Black plastic 2

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by ixlam
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Jun 24 2008
Make sure your distro is correctly installed and All-Systems are GO first...
NO One else seems to have the problems you are having. - Sep 03 2008
Download and "Extract" the file to your Desktop, then drag the file> "Black PlasticV.2.tar.gz" into your theme Manager/Appearance.

You should install to /home/.themes
NOT your /usr/... - Jul 02 2008
try adjusting your colors. - Jun 28 2008
Just change your Firefox settings.

DE-SELECT> "use system colors"

SELECT> Allow web pages yo chose their own colors... - Jun 28 2008

I'm using the Black white 2 gloss found here
and here

I cant remember if I found the wall paper on Gnome-look or elsewhere though. As for the HD and "Computer" icons , I've included them in the download. theres also a text file with some hints/pointers on how to set all that up. - Jun 05 2008
Glad you like it. I just found that my First theme was too "bulky" so I narrowed it all down to have a slimmer fit especially on "low rez LCD" monitors.
I might repost a cleaned up version of the original with the changes.

PS. it might help some of you to reduce Font sizes from default down to 7 or 8 in

>desktop>gnome>interface - Jun 02 2008

XMMS Skins 5 comments

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Jan 03 2008
I agree with "ichooselife" !!
You indeed should give credit where credit is due,,, I don't see that you made ANY changes to the actual theme its self. - Jul 24 2008
Nvidia screenlet

Conky 29 comments

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Jun 05 2008
Looks nice!!

..but I also can't get it to work.
Is this dependent on driver version, GPU or motherboard chipset?

I have a 6600 with 169 drivers.

keep it up!! - Jun 05 2008

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Feb 22 2008
cool indeed.
can we get a link to that nice wallpaper too ? - Jan 30 2008
Slickness Black

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Feb 18 2008
Very nice theme guy!!
- Jan 25 2008