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Salvatore De Paolis

Cursors by KuduK 53 comments

> I can decide where to send the files, or do I have to ask someone?
Sorry if I sounded harsh but it was exclusively due to the fact I like a lot such cursors and the system didn't allow me to download. At the end, the next day I could download it. reply to your question, yeah :) I guess you can ask someone who knows better sites which provide a more reliable service..I see a lot of links from DeviantArt or just my suggestion, I think would be nice as well
Sal - Oct 12 2011

Cursors by KuduK 53 comments

Why not use to store all files?
I can't download from there, that fucking captcha is never right or doesn't want to be right.
I'd be glad to know the reason why you uploaded files there - Oct 07 2011