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Finbarr Saunders
Wallpaper changer

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by Whise
Score 50.0%
Mar 15 2008
A nice screenlet - a bit of fun that made me smile. The preview of the next wallpaper to be shown in the picture frame in front of Tux is a really nice touch :-)

There seem to be a couple of minor bugs though:

1. The Screenlet loses some of its settings every time I reboot my PC - it stays in the same location on the Desktop, but the "Hide" box unchecks itself, and sometimes so does the "Keep below" box - the Screenlet still displays correctly however and in the correct location.
2. Sometimes the Screenlet randomly shows the next wallpaper - there doesn't seem to be any working way of controlling this.

Great Screenlet though! :-) - May 17 2008