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by isti
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Jul 12 2005
It seems that the guessing method have to be further improved. The next release will come with better guessing.

You can provide additional configure options in the setup dialog at the Installation tab. Here is a checkbox and a line edit where you can enter such options. The handling of configure options will be moved to installation process at the next release. - Jul 13 2005
Sorry, I have overseen this comment. When you have installed KInstaller by RPM this package is created by someone else. Please contact the author of the RPM package. - Jun 16 2005
well, this is a bug. When KInstaller doesn't find the correct kde base directory the default is used (/opt/kde3). This will be fixed in the next release.

BTW: it would be very nice if you could post me your kde base so I can add it to the default list. - Jan 25 2005
you are right to say we don't need another package manager. I started to program KInstaller because I missed a feature in KDE to install source packages as easy as package managers can do with binary packages. Now I see that a deinstallation is needed too. Sure we can use checkinstall or special installation scripts (btw I prefer checkinstall because its doing a good job) to create bin packs which can be deinstalled by a package manager. But there are two things to consider:

- this is inconsistent and may irritate users. Why should I deinstall a program with a package manager which I installed with KInstaller?

- you need additional programs to do this and the users have to install them. Why forcing users to install, say, checkinstall in order to use KInstaller when a simple 'make uninstall' can do the job?

Nonetheless I like the idea of creating bin packs (and I hope to find the time add this feature). Then the users have the choice of using a package manager if they like. But they don't need to and this is imo important. - Jan 12 2005
With all your comments (thanks for this) in mind I come to the conclusion that the most requested feature is an uninstall functionality. Since adding 'checkinstall' or the possibility to perform arbitrary scripts requires more effort I will delay this and first try to keep records of the installations done. These records then can be used for later deinstallation.

Thanks again for your comments! - Jan 09 2005
Well, currently KInstaller doesn't support checkinstall. But it's a nice idea to have an rpm, debian, ... package which one could easily uninstall. But it should keep handling KInstaller simple. I'll try to implement it but it could take a time. Please stay tuned;) - Jan 06 2005
Sorry, but KInstaller is only intended to install tar packages. Maybe it would be nice to add an INSTALLER for rpm packages.

Concerning grouping I thought about providing categories which then would result in creating sub directories where the source files are stored. This could be added in one of the next releases. - Jan 06 2005
Thanks! Indeed, the intention of KInstaller is to provide 'one click' installations for programs. The next release should allow drag and drop of URLs and automatic download of tar packages.

Maybe someone has further suggestions? - Jan 06 2005

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Nov 07 2007
is there any possibility to add a feature to log other hosts files (e.g. via ssh)? - Jun 29 2005